Hi! I’m Alyssa and I’m a wife to my high school sweetheart and a mom to three sweet girls + one angel baby.

Modern Heirloom is the merging of all my passions both as a person and as a mama and I'm so excited to finally be sharing this all with each of you. Modern Heirloom is part experience + one part inspiration.

One mission of Modern Heirloom is bringing you inspiring ideas for living an intentional life through storytelling and photographs, and also through curating unique and meaningful items that you will enjoy + love as you either bring them into your home or gift them to someone you care about.

One of the other missions with Modern Heirloom is sharing how I create meaning in my home + in motherhood and do more than just survive the days. I’ve always been fascinated with family history, genealogy, heirlooms, and memories… there’s something dare I say, magical, about having something that belonged to my great-grandmother - knowing it was held by her tiny hands, used day in and day out, and appreciated and treasured by her.

I wanted to create those same feelings in our home with my own girls through our experiences + day to day life so I began intentionally framing things in my mind as being what I phrased, modern heirlooms: experiences, routines, favorite things (can a favorite blanket be an heirloom, I think so!) and as I shared about this with family and friends, I discovered that often they found joy in this mindset shift, too! I’m so glad you’re here and I look forward to encouraging you as you work to create your own modern heirlooms. XO - Alyssa