My Favorite First Birthday Gifts

I've always had a love for anything sentimental but since becoming a mother I feel like it's kicked into overdrive. Maybe it's because I'm trying to hold on to this sweet time and all the memories and moments that I fear will be forgotten, or maybe it's because I continue to develop a deeper understanding of just how important the little things really are and a desire to instill the love of all things family, heirloom, and sentimental within my three little girls. 

This past weekend was Joie's first birthday, and while we typically don't go overboard with gifts in general, we kept it extra simple and sweet this year: a couple books, some wooden nesting box blocksa sweet heirloom baby doll, and a darling little bear puppet washcloth. 

However, my favorite gift was a pair of pajamas - but these weren't just any pajamas. I decided that I wanted to get the same sleeper she came home from the hospital in - but this time in a one year old size.

And it's quite possibly one of my most favorite things I've done for a first birthday. As I zipped her into those little lemon Hanna Andersson pajamas, I was instantly reminded of the day we brought her home, and of so many of her newborn days since she essentially lived in that sleeper. 


Such a sweet but simple way to celebrate that milestone first birthday - I'm kind of sad I didn't think to do this with my older two girls but I'm so grateful that it's now something that I can share so everyone can have ALL. THE. FEELS. on babes first birthday as they're zipped into their new toddler sized pajamas. Hugs mama - that first year is a big one... we did it!


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