Learning to walk...

This past weekend we celebrated our sweet little JoJo turning one year old - and it was truly one of the best days 💖 she’s such a blessing to our family, and her unique little personality is emerging more and more each day and I love seeing how both similar and different it is from her sisters.

She’s also learning to walk, as you can see and as I looked at this picture, it struck me that in a way, we’re all still “learning to walk.”

Maybe you are ready to graduate and strike out on your own.

Maybe you’re a newly wed traversing the early days of marriage.

Maybe you’re a mama like me who learns each and every just how much you DON’T actually know yet.

Maybe you’re someone who is learning how to live without someone who has always been there.

Maybe you’re in a situation which feels completely foreign and strange and you don’t even know which end is up.

It can feel impossible. Frustrating. Overwhelming. But it can also feel exciting. Empowering. Exhilarating. It’s ok to feel all of these. Maybe even at the same time.



As I watch JoJo fall over and over and get up over and over I’m inspired to do the same. Just because something doesn’t work the first time or go as expected, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Look at Jo - she doesn’t give up because she falls, she gets up and tries again, and one day she WILL walk, and all the hard work and bumps and bruises will be worth it.

When you fall, get back up 💖 just as I’m cheering for Jo, I’m cheering for each of us, too!

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