Look before you leap, or don't...

I've always been the kind of person who looks before I leap. 

And looks some more. 

Then I look around again to make sure it's really the right thing to do. 

I've begun to realize that while I have always liked to frame this super thorough assessment of the situation as me being smart and prudent with my decisions, the reality is that sometimes it crosses the line into procrastination or avoidance. I get so caught up in the planning, wanting so badly for everything to be perfect before I dive in, that I end up not diving at all. 

And that's no bueno. 

Ever since becoming a mother, I've slowly but surely realized there are no perfect plans. There are no guarantees. There is no for sure. And as a recovering perfectionist, this has been a hard pill to swallow. But it's also been one of the most liberating.

It's exhilarating to get a taste of the freedom that comes with just going for it; without waiting for the perfect moment or to make sure the stars are all aligned. I'm finding that simply doing my best is enough. As a mother, as a wife, as a friend, as a human being. Doing my best is the best I can do.

I recently had someone tell me "done is better than perfect" and they're right. There's beauty in the process. The messy, chaotic, sometimes less than ideal process. But it's within those ups and downs that the real growth happens. The beautiful development of not only thoughts and ideas but of the soul. And I think that's so much more valuable than the perfectly laid out plan. 

As I began seriously pursuing bringing Gifted Grace to fruition, I kept telling myself that done was better than perfect, and that there would be no ideal time to take the plunge and really go for this if it was what I wanted. I mean, what could be the worst that could happen? I think not ever trying would be worse than any outcome I fear. 

So here I am. Imperfections and all. And I've never been more ready.

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  • Wow, just wow :) Beautiful story of what it’s all about and figuring out! Super proud of you :)

    Amy Schlager

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